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Ventured out in the fog last night..I say last night it was only 7:30 but pitch black and foggy so felt like the middle of the night…anyway off I set to see what I could or couldn’t see and had an adventurous time stumbling around on the green trying so hard to get a shot of the windmill that didn’t have over exposed lights… harder than I thought this night-time fog photography! So after a few lucky shots and more stumbling I thought I’d get the bus home…its not far but it was dark and foggy I was cold and the bus shelter looked so inviting. I stood…and stood then stood some more, then as the bus was taking forever I thought I’d have a go at capturing the shop front opposite and while I was checking camera settings and messing aboutP1290322 the bus came and flew straight past…I missed the bus, walked home but I like the image I captured!