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What a fabulous stroke of luck I had earlier this week, after an early morning planning exhibitions and spaces with a talented friend in Blackpool I thought would wander down to the prom and try to capture some street photography, families enjoying the first warm days of spring and the last few days of half term holidays. It was quite a warm early afternoon  and as I got closer to the coast I noticed a thick sea fog or fret encroaching the piers, lower walk, promenade and scarily even the tower.

Relishing in this magical light and already thinking of the settings in my camera I rushed down to north pier crouched down very very low,much to the surprise of people passing, and took a few shots…


After struggling to my feet and I can  assure readers it’s easy getting down on the floor but very difficult getting back up… I set off at a pace to the sun-lounge located at the very end of the pier, having an idea for an image already in mind I quickly opened doors I probably shouldn’t have opened and stepped onto the wooden boards usually only reserved for fisherman and sensible people with life insurance!  There it was, my favorite pier, the best iron legs in the UK standing in the high tide with the mist gently enveloping the entrance…..and I got my shot.


Quickly stepping back to safety before security saw me I hurried back along the pier taking random not very good shots of solitary deck chairs and empty benches but I knew where I was going…my destination was the lower walk or the steps of the lower prom.


The fret was bright and white and the afternoon was turning out quite warm, I made my way towards central pier where the tide was already going out and the donkeys were being led down to the excited children. This was going to turn out to be a very productive day and I knew it…crouching low on the steps and pointing my camera at small groups and families I noticed that subjects further from my camera seemed not only smaller but also with less contrast.  This was all new to me but just had that feeling that it was going to work and with camera set at f/8 I took about 150 shots of central pier and people on the beach.


I usually try to find something to make me smile when am out wandering around searching for that famous ‘decisive moment’ and this young father with his daughters and his perfectly placed umbrella added that touch of humor to the day.