Found this urban art work in Liverpool last week whilst out playing with friends, it was hidden behind a high fence but managed to climb high enough up to just catch it…couldn’t leave without it ’cause it reminds me of a group of very young petty criminals in the film Once Upon a Time inContinue reading “Noodles”

Another serendipitous moment

Sometimes things just happen in photography and I know the moment I press the shutter button I have caught my ‘image of the day’ . I couldn’t believe my luck when on a recent trip to London to photograph urban art I spotted this guy and everything fell in to place…the door artwork by ‘skeletoncardboard’Continue reading “Another serendipitous moment”


Just turned a corner in London and there it could I resist? I did have to back up a wee bit to fit it all in and was still struggling but wasn’t going to leave without capturing it. The best thing about street photography for me is that it always surprises me…there isn’t aContinue reading “Scary”

risking arrest for a better shot at Sand Sea & Spray 2015

Eager to see Dale Grimshaw’s work without the scaffolding I managed to convince a small group of die hard friends that the best place to view it was from the top of the car park at we set and risking life and limb we climbed onto railings and lent over the wall to getContinue reading “risking arrest for a better shot at Sand Sea & Spray 2015”