A window on the green this morning

I think this is the last post for today but will probably be up in the middle of the night again tonight and weather permitting will probably wander down to the prom…shame I don’t drive or would probably go farther afield..

another early morning

Woke at 5 this morning which is better than 4 I suppose but not as good as 6..anyway thought I would wander and wonder at the wonderful wonders of the early morning..the waning moon was the first thing to greet me as I crept out of the back door, she was looking very pale afterContinue reading “another early morning”

daisies in the long grass

Walking home after a long hot day photographing summer fetes and street dancing I saw these daisies nestling in the long grass enjoying the late afternoon sun and of course I couldn’t resist Once again I opened gates that are probably there to keep people out and walked quickly to the middle of the field,Continue reading “daisies in the long grass”