Dress Code

With the right advertising and in the right setting an everyday ordinary object such as a coat hanger can become an extraordinary piece of art. Found while out on the streets of London…how could I resist? In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

The man in black

Just another day in Blackpool..love his Johnny Cash style and the look he’s giving me…he really is the main character in this image but I wonder if he was on his own or on a different street would the image still be as good?

Piers & me

Have always thought where there’s water there’s a pier or jetty and if there’s a pier I usually find it. Have had a love of piers since I was a child when my grandmother, Doris, would take me for endless walks and sand filled picnics on the beach in Blackpool. On a recent trip toContinue reading “Piers & me”

Early morning milk delivery

A real ‘early bird’ …early morning, not quite daylight, the milk-float trundling through the streets with bottles rattling in the crates, the milkman probably whistling , bound to disturb people hoping to sleep just a little bit longer. As the sleepers turn over and slip back in to their dreams the milkman carries on hisContinue reading “Early morning milk delivery”

a post about posts

I love my town, It has to be the best part of the coast and this post is about posts…wooden posts or sand fences used to protect the sand dunes.. I love the way they stand to attention like little tin soldiers…protecting the hills and the coast through all sorts of severe weather. We getContinue reading “a post about posts”

man, dog & minimilism

a very nearly empty beach on a fine but very windy day in Blackpool How could I resist the miles of empty space and so with romantic images of Lawrence of Arabia running through my mind, I covered my head and camera with my keffiyeh andlay down on the damp sandto capture this guy withContinue reading “man, dog & minimilism”