Red Leatherette

Call me crazy …I just love the color, symmetry and simplicity of this ‘chillin’ space at Ramp City in Blackpool.img_4651-2

Worn,torn red leatherette seats and scuffed mustard yellow walls …Americana in Blackpool. I love it!



Night Lights

I always think there’s something very reassuring and comforting when you’re walking around the deserted streets of town late at night and you find brightly lit shop windows,


whether its a gentlemen’s barber shop or a take away fast food outlet, the bright lights make the darkness less sinister and if you’re lucky enough to be out in the rain too all the better cause it’s a great photo opportunity.


Homage to William Christenberry

A few years ago reading about Walker Evans I came across another name, William A Christenberry, a photographer from Alabama whose images of the south have greatly influenced me in my passion for photographing random neglected buildings and space. Was sad to read that he passed away this week but it also reminded me of my recent trip to Nova Scotia and my search while there for abandoned empty buildings and old garages, I found quite a few and I like to think Mr Christenberry was guiding me when I found this petrol station on the outskirts of town.img_9681

Night Street Food Vendors

Street food vendors on Blackpool central prom in late October, love the smells, colour and noise of Blackpool promenade as the season draws to a close. The light is always beautiful for photography in Blackpool and as the days grow shorter I take advantage of the food vendors that brightly light the dark evenings.


Sometimes other people’s misfortune give me the opportunity for a cracking shot and though I first thought this was a funky fake table decoration at the ice cream parlor, close inspection and that sweet milky smell convinced me that it was the real thing.img_2954


Just a small milk bottle on table in caught my eye, how couldn’t it ?p1440568

November light

Out searching for neon light but had to stop for a few minutes to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the natural light on our coast.img_2399

We have been very lucky this autumn with some very fine dry weather and the sunsets from Blackpool promenade have been beautiful.



low light, bright lights & getting on the roof

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a wondrous magical place during the day but the engineering, lighting and beauty of the rides really is amazing at night


and if you ever get the chance to be allowed on the roof …then ..well, then you realise just how lucky you are to live in this town.


Then the day after someone calls you to get another shot from a different roof on a different couldnt get much better!img_2413

Frack Free Lancashire

Residents opposed to government decision to allow shale gas exploration on Preston new Road site gathered together today in a peaceful demonstration

Women of street photography

The idea here is to have a jumping off point to some of the great work out there by women in the street genre, addressing extremely low representation in visible, published street work online, in e…

Source: Women of street photography

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