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Canon AE1, 50mm lens & expired (2012) Agfa colour filmPhoto06_6-2

Always try to stay unnoticed when shooting on the street, prime lens, no big camera bags, clothes that will allow me to fit in and blend with the public, never staying for too long in one place and practically marking a path in the well worn streets that I often walk…So when I went out with the Canon last week I was scuppered!


Had forgotten the sound of the shutter was so loud, making people turn to see where the sound came from, this made candid street photography very difficult and so decided there are plenty of other things to capture in Blackpool without scaring the locals & holiday makers.

canon agfa expired

And so off I went in search of old signs,  sadempty hotels with deserted dining tables set for breakfasts and giant ice cream cones, I love the soft grain and the colours of these expired Agfa films which makes me think this could be something I do more frequently.