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Using flash and getting as close as possible on the streets these last months, trying to fill the frame but show there’s more to the story continuing outside the frame. a flash

Capturing a story on the street is, for me, the hardest part of street photography , as ‘street’ gets more and more popular with everyone and we are all out there with a camera of some sort, it is easy to just point and shoot, we do it in the hope that we’ll catch something worth keeping, posting and maybe even printing but I often found mine were just snaps of people ‘milling about’.IMG_2120

So, with this in mind this last winter I promised myself I would be more selective in what I try to capture, would get as close as possible with a prime lens and use a small off camera flash gun. Have found that the more am on the street the more I enjoy my photography and the more inspired I am to try something different. Fill a frame, catch a story and hope the viewer can see that there’s a story on the street. IMG_2973I have been organizing photowalks and encouraging friends and students to get out on the streets and do it, just do it. Get close, fill the frame, try and capture that one subject that looks straight into your lens, straight at you, it’s a great feeling and so liberating with small flash. Enjoy!