“Women of street photography” from Casey Mashbesher

Casey Meshbesher Photographic

The idea here is to have a jumping off point to some of the great work out there by women in the street genre, addressing extremely low representation in visible, published street work online, in exhibitions, and in print.   In a departure from a top ten type of list, this gallery is more inclusive, and includes names of the greats of yesterday, with today’s established artists, up and coming names, and some people who are relatively obscure for whatever reason.  This gallery aims to strengthen visibility of women in the street genre.

The storm is her, Minneapolis, 2009 (Casey Meshbesher)

Two years ago I started compiling links when I couldn’t find any discussion of female street photographers on the web, and found the typical percentage of some 4% of material frustrating.   Curating online street blogs, I wanted to increase this ratio in these sites, with a goal of 1/3 female, but it is a struggle to maintain even 1/5 at…

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