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Have been thinking and planning of taking photographs in water for some time now..always hoping to emulate the greats and get that perfect image of a sleek body swimming perfectly through the deep clear water…Photo02_00Aaa

The reality however is a complete farce and very difficult to do..


While on holiday on the ‘Other Coast’ I thought would take advantage of the clear waters of the lake and the Atlantic ocean, I bought a Fujifilm disposable waterproof camera and off we set, a family of competent swimmers all with decent bodies, except mine but that didn’t matter cause the idea was I was taking the pics.  Photo07_4AWe soon discovered that when the subject of  the shot starts to laugh while furiously treading water and the photographer tries not to lose patience, trying to capture anything remotely decent is near impossible Photo08_5A

and after numerous attempts …


with the subjects floating away leaving me with endless blue.


.. I just lay back, tried to stay afloat and not roll over, balanced camera on chest and finished the roll of film. I will definitely do more of this, will need more practice before I manage to get the sleek body diving beneath the waves but its really good fun and as soon as I can get the kids back in the water will be doing it again.