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On the bus today going to meet a friend but as the bus passed a small local village I saw this derelict cottage and the bear on the chairP1380009aa

Thought to self friend could wait and got off the bus at the next convenient stop, I ran back  to find the building , thinking to self “why am I running? …the bear isn’t going to move and doubt that the cottage will be demolished in the next five minutes”…but run I did..P1380004

and was paid for my efforts when I finally got there. Catching my breath and rubbing the stitch in my side I investigated the situation.



The gates were locked, nettles and brambles prevented me climbing over the broken wooded fence but the more I saw the more I was sure I would not have liked going any further onto the abandoned property. The body of the teddy was firmly lodged into a child’s plastic chair, dressed in a string vest, which strangely seemed to fit it very well and a small woolen hat pulled onto it’s head it was heavy and squelchy with rain water.P1370999

Corrugated sheeting was rusting and peeling and the dripping paint of the number 4 gave everything an eerie sinister feeling. Might go back again and see if I can see someone there..but as soon as someone starts to play a banjo I’m leaving!