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I saw these light fittings yesterday when, after a day of shooting dancers on Comedy Carpet and capturing the finishing touches of a new piece of urban art on a wall in a car park, I decided I deserved a brew. I ordered my cup of tea and as I sank thankfully on to the soft leatherette seating I spied these lights. I had to sort of move around a good bit and slide nearly horizontally along the seat as I tried to capture them so there wasnt too much natural light and end up overexposing the bulbs. People did exchange questioning glances but one of the benefits of getting to my age is I am past caring what people think and will do all sorts, go in places I shouldn’t, talk to all sorts and everyone and go to any lengths to get my shot of the day.P1370456

And yesterday that meant nearly lying down prostrate on the sofa in Caffe Nero.