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I have been neglecting my blog for a while now..family, projects (2) new Independent Creatives group ..all sorts of everything leaving me little time to get out with camera. However I did get out for a day last week to shoot more unsuspecting public and strangers on the street for my Documenting Blackpool project. On my wanderings I found this beautiful tiled vestibule hidden behind heavy dark oak doors in a local pub on a not too popular street in the centre of Blackpool.aaaaaaaSadly I cant seem to find any information about them as it seems they have been so well hidden over the years that locals and council have forgotten they are there but careful examination convinced me they are Doulton, now Royal Doulton, and could well be more William James Neatby designs. P1340177

Neatby designed the tiled panels in the Winter Gardens Theatre Bar in Blackpool and though these seem to have a more Alphonse Mucha style they could be Neatby or could be they were created around the time Neatby worked on the commission for the Winter Gardens by an acolyte of Neatby and /or Mucha as am sure they both had quite a few back in the day.IMG_2120

So there we have it, more hidden treasures in Blackpool and I am convinced more and more each time I go out that it’s always worth opening doors and stepping through cause you never know what you could find.