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The car-park on Leopold Grove at the side/back of the winter gardens.. depending on which entrance you use.. has recently been demolished and of course I wandered down to see what I could see..nothing much to see..lots of big angry machinery and tons of twisted metal and dusty cement, bricks and rubble..


I walked outside the fencing trying to find a way in hoping to get on the ramp that led to the upper floor, thinking it would be a brilliant view for photographs of the steel and glass roof of the Floral Hall but there wasnt a gap anywhere in the fence so had to be content to wander about on the periphery..and wander I did and as always found a treasure..


I remember had seen this on a previous occasion but it was hidden behind a low brick building right at the back of the car-park and as there was nothing to climb on and it was very dark any images I managed to get were a complete failure..but this time out in the light of day there it was…oh how I love the treasures that this wonderful little town keeps throwing at me, so I took about half a dozen photos…probably all the same cause couldnt get near enough to it and was stretching over the fence but was determined to not let it get away again.