Blocks of colour & inspiration in the gents

Open day at Blackpool Winter Gardens was a huge success again this year, people everywhere photographing the beautiful architecture, sitting in the Opera House watching vintage films and parents armed with cameras capturing their kids as they danced and played on empty stages to music only they could hear. After being drawn as always to the East Side Gallery and photographing windows , seats and random coat hangers I set off in search of an object that would inspire me. Now this isn’t difficult in The Winter Gardens because every room and corridor is beautiful and I love every brick of it…..still I ventured up back stairways and through closed doors and found myself on the upper balcony, the view to the stage and seats below took my breath away but I wasn’t there for views from the gods so I carried on my wandering and there it was.


Mind working overtime with images and inspiration, Rothko, Eggleston even Stanley Kubrick and The Shining..all these thoughts and I knew this was my photo of the day, had to open a cupboard behind me, sit on the floor and hold doors open with feet but managed to fit it all in the frame. How happy I was..3 frames shot quickly  rushing really to get back downstairs but then I saw the Gents toilet door….haha again me thinks…there’s no one about so will see if they’ve been modernised since the building was built..remember am up on the upper balcony and haven’t been up there since I was a kid. I opened the door to find an inner door and complete darkness…of course no one was upstairs and no one was using the toilets..I stepped inside , fumbled about for the light switch muttering under my breath again.. as is my wont, found the light and there I find myself in the gents loos and in front of a row of shining pristine porcelain urinals..oh joy!P1310420 another 4 quick shots of the ‘offending’ items, turned the lights off, composed myself so I didn’t look like a crazed woman coming out of the gents and hurried down stairs feeling very happy.




Published by dmanderphoto

Dawn Mander, a Blackpool-based self taught photographer, exhibited worldwide,notably USA, Australia, Canada, Hamburg, Moscow Italy and U.K. and published internationally both in print and online. Dawn runs street photography walks in her hometown of Blackpool and gives talks at local colleges, schools and photography groups. In 2018 Dawn was nominated for the RPS Hundred Heroines campaign celebrating women in photography and in 2019 exhibited with over 80 female photographers in the RPS 'Representation on the Line:(Un)framing our Identities' held in Chelsea, Doncaster and Blackpool. For the latter she also executed the roles of organiser and co-curator. Dawn continues to work on her #DocumentingBlackpool & #PortraitofBlackpool series and is currently creating and co-curating exhibitions and community art projects at HIVE Blackpool. 2021 - Format Mass Isolation Project. The Peoples Picture at Quad in Derby 2021 - Double Trouble Festival, Women in Street/ Unexposed Collective exhibition at Bondi Beach and Brisbane Australia. 2020/21 Large Scale Images printed and exhibited in the HIVEArts Blackpool Tramstop Takeover. 2020 - Rankin 2020 book contributor 2020 - Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool contributor fro #worktownghosttown online documentary series, exploring the effects of pandemic and Covid lockdown on Blackpool. 2019 - RPS Chelsea, Doncaster and Blackpool 2019 - Women in Street Double Trouble collective exhibition in San Fransisco USA. 2019 - Works shown at Millepiani collective exhibitions In Rome Italy. 2019 - Stills photographer for Farrena Films - The Other Side with Valerie Hope. 2019 - Promotional images shown at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Los Angeles, California USA 2019 - HotBed Press 20/20 print collective shown at Cube in Moscow. part of the Arrested ReDevelopment Collective Blackpool. 2019 - Publicity shots for Virgin Trains promoting travel to Blackpool. 2018 - exhibited and sold works at Manchester Art Fair. 2018 - Seaside Special Postcards from the Edge. Book Cover pub: BlueMoose Books 2018 - works exhibited at Hebden Bridge Art Fair 2015-2017. Local exhibitions in Blackpool: HIVE Blackpool, The Grundy Art Gallery, The Grand Theatre, It's A Gallery, Shaws, The Solaris Centre, The Galleon, Barista. Publications: 2020 - Rankin 2020 June 2015 - BLACK+WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine. July 2015 - BLACK+WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine. November 2016 - BLACK+WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine 2017 - The Guardian 2016 - The Guardian 2016 - Lancashire Life. 2015 - World Street Photography Book.

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