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Saw this shattered bus stop window and knew immediately I had to do something with it..and so after some umming and ahing I tried to get the shot from inside the shelter..this wasn’t easy because there were people in the shelter waiting for the bus to open the doors and let them on. Well I explained what I was doing and they kindly made space for me,  mum’s with buggies moving toddlers and adults jostling to make room but stay careful to stay in the shelter away from the biting wind and, no doubt, to watch what I was doing.   So I took some shots, thanked everyone and stood back to ‘chimp’ at what I’d shot. Not happy…the bus behind the glass did nothing for the image and messed up the figures in the tower design and of course at this point there was no one in the shot because I  hadn’t even thought of someone being in the shot. Anyway I stood and stood waiting for the bus driver to open doors then the small group got on and paid fares and as the kiddies waved to me from the bus it left the stop. Oh frabjous day.. callooh, callay…I chortled in my joy…and stepped into the road..beautiful grey background…checked aperture , focused and the guy in the hat walked in to the frame and I got my shot of the day!P1310481