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Out meandering again this week…wasn’t my intention to waste time as had somewhere I needed to be but ended up dilly dallying along the deserted back streets and was duly rewarded for wasting time…turned a corner and there they were. Held together by peeling paint and rust these red seats really cheered me up and had me muttering to self once again about how the town looks so sad and neglected out of season.
P1310327Determined to find more oddities I carried on down the back streets and found a second set of seats inside the back courtyard of a now empty B&B..I had to sort of ‘trespass’ and was aware there were CCTV cameras pointing right at me but the dilapidated gate was hanging off its hinges so, feeling very adventurousP1310341I carefully climbed over the rotting wood avoiding rolled up soggy carpets and various other unmentionables, found a clear corner got the shot and quickly got out. I love exploring and so far have always been lucky not to get questioned by anyone or arrested.