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Haven’t been able to get out with camera these last few days so was feeling sort of desperate late last night and having withdrawal symptoms, contemplating the ‘trilogy’.. aperture, shutter speeds & ISO and again muttering to self as I folded washing and wandered aimlessly around unable to sleep…BUT…yes, another BUT…as I wandered and wondered and put aforesaid folded washing into the drawers of the dresser I turned and spotted an image waiting for me. Flew downstairs for my camera and then moved the heavy dresser to get behind it and have enough distance to fit the image in to the frame. Lit by the lights on the stairs the bedside lamp threw an interesting shadow on to the wall and I squeezed between the wall and the dresser and got my shot.P1310158aaFinding a treasure in an unexpected place ..call it serendipity or just my tired mind causing me to see to see something that’s always been there but had never noticed before.