A simple thing beautiful to me

The sun came out briefly today so grabbed camera and practically ran down to St Annes …well, I caught the bus but it only took 20 mins…anyway wandered about, lots of images on the prom, on the beach the pier etc lots of the same old thing and wasn’t feeling particularly inspired till I got to the Beach HutsIMG_8808Out of season so closed but they still look so inviting, there I was imagining being curled up on a comfy chair with a mug of tea, a plate of chocolate hobnobs and a good book..but the biting wind soon cleared my head and I walked on till I saw my shot of the day…ha! me thinks this is very similar to one I took last year so I got closerIMG_7778aaand closer still..and discovered an image waiting for me in the wooden frame…frame after frame tied together with rope swaying in the wind and at the very endIMG_7778a glimpse of sea and sky so blue I couldnt see where one ended and the other started. A simple thing this man made ‘box’ of wooden frames, rope and blue nature but it inspired me today.

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