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So here we are in 2016 some hoping it will be better than 2015 but I have to honestly say 2015 was pretty awesome for me, personally anyway…. I have a fabulous family with new arrivals due in the springtime, a roof over my head, food on the table and a clean warm bed. My photography, to my surprise, was a success with publications and mentions here there and everywhere so am feeling pretty contented…but, ah yes there’s always a but… this autumn I decided I wanted something different as everything was starting to look the same and so I thought I would try my hand at screen printing and the help of a very talented friend, Robin Ross of The Old Rock Factory I set about creating.. I photographed, he edited, off to Granthams with sizes of transparencies and lists of paper types ..I oiled paper copy of one while Robin developed copies of others, we chose colors, sizes and screens  with help from talented local artists John Marc Allen and Anna Paprzycka, it was all so confusing to the novice but finally got the hang of it and I am very pleased with the pieces I producedcan So we did our pop up shop gallery with other local artists in Blackpool and it was a great success…but, yes another but….. I still felt a little unsatisfied, still searching for something different so thought would try some modern art and inspired by some images I saw in wet wood sidings while out walking I came home and worked on these…oil and water..
P1310048Am convinced there is art everywhere and we just need to see it..so from an autumn of screen printing session , shooting nude calendars, prints in books and magazine publications am now trying to paint P1310050…abstract could be the thing this year at least till I start looking for something different! Happy New Year to all. Art is Everywhere we just need to see it.