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At the beginning of December I was asked to photograph an evening at a local soup kitchen here in Blackpool…I got there a little wary of what I was going to see, how I was going to approach people and what I would say to the volunteers. After half an hour of wandering around and trying to be discreet I ended up sat at tables with people talking about grandchildren, laughing at jokes and sharing stories, standing in  line waiting for the best bread & butter pudding with custard I have ever tasted and getting in the way of the volunteers in the kitchen while I shot images from every angle and corner. What a great heart warming experience..non of us know what’s waiting for us..non of us know the stories of those less fortunate but I do know am going back and not just for the bread & butter pudding but to talk laugh and probably sometimes cry..

video by Mark Butcher, life savers Mark Butcher  Mark Broughton, Gaynor Eld, Anna Griffiths,Martin Dunder & all the volunteers at Amazing Graze ..images by me