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Heard the news about storm Barney yesterday and warnings of flooding, falling trees and the advice to stay indoors whenever possible. .. but had to go to Blackpool anyway so off I went in search of some stormy images on the prom, however the wind really was far too strong and after battling with camera straps coat fastenings and my hair, which is wild and woolly at the best of times, I gave up and sort of creeping from one shop doorway to another and clinging to walls I made my way to see the talented Robin Ross at The Old Rock Factory . After a couple of hours chatting about the arts and putting the world to rights I set off home and was blown about some more and got drenched by the driving rain but the bus finally arrived….P1290898aaaasadly not a doubledecker this time so after some thought and determined to capture some sort of image I decided to kneel on the back seat between some school kids who looked at me as if I was mad.. sniggering and giggling until I showed them what I was trying to capture.

P1290904They were, in the end, suitably impressed with the images and the bus carried on being banged about lurching from side to side ..battered and buffered by the strong winds with a group of giggling school kids and a mad old bird on the back seats.P1290888