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Was in Blackpool on Monday for a meeting about a future exhibition at The Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool,took my faithful Lumix with me hoping to get pics of something somewhere but when I came out the heavens opened and any thoughts I had of capturing people on the streets quickly vanished. P1290703a I did manage to capture two unsuspecting individuals as they ran for cover and I ran for the bus…. it was torrentialP1290706aaabw
When the double decker bus eventually arrived a long line of very wet grumpy people piled on and quickly filled the downstairs leaving me to trail a river of wet dripping from boots trousers and jacket and go to the top deck!..Ah but…the best thing was upstairs was empty and the closed windows were all wet and steamy and I managed to get a picture of my favorite tower before the bus left the stop..P1290754
….it didn’t take long till we started speeding along and so to avoid my lens banging on the window and the stares of other passengers as the bus filled I dried my camera and took out my phone instead.. I only managed to get one half decent shot ’cause had to keep wiping the window and then someone sat next to me so any further muttering under my breath and wonky captures on my Samsung were halted…Any weather is good weather for photo ops!

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