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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

A friend and I were out and about in Blackpool today..searching for my lost mojo and Blackpool is home and always a place that makes me happy..we decided to get some lunch… a quick lunch so fish and chips was decided and off we went to the Tower Fisheries on Topping St, definitely the best chippy on the coast.  Anyway having been out since before 9 in the morning I thought had better visit the ladies before carrying on our escapades for the rest of the day and so while the fish was frying I went off in search of the loo, after performing all ‘ablutions’ as I turned to leave the cubicle I saw this..

12118994_10208114978295437_996275975667061269_nHa…I was filled with an urgent sense of need to capture this wonderful structure ..however the cubicle is very very small and narrow so I knew the lens on my camera would be far too long and I reached for my phone..I had to stand on tiptoe and flatten myself against the opposite wall, hold phone above my head to be sure to capture the complete frame of the window, twisting head and neck into the weirdest positions to see focus and make sure it was straight. I came out of the loo with a smile on my face knowing I’d caught a little bit of beauty made from 8 glass blocks, a wooden frame and 3 iron bars…keeping people out or keeping them in? doesn’t matter I like it!… The fish & chips were good too and so my friend and I walked down to the prom licking the salt and vinegar from our fingers…do people really use those tiny plastic forks?… and talking about the treasures to be found in the weirdest places.