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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

A music genre completely unknown to me until last week was the soundtrack to a recent photoshoot held in the art studio of a friend. Death metal, thrash metal, hardcore punk, grindcore… all unknown and unheard of and I never imagined I would get to see someone dance to it….but dance he did.
P1240152P1240130P1240158Starting with a post rock heavy metal sound with lots of bass…
P1240270P1240273the pulsing beat built up and filled the room the windows rattled and the wooden floor of the art studio bounced with this guys rage and passion for the sound.P1240282



Completely connected to the almost tribal pulse and rhythm he danced continually for about 20 minutes, I hope to get more requests like this cause it doesnt matter what genre of music you listen to as long as you like it, can feel the beat and stay connected.