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Had forgotten all about this box of old letters…about 45 years worth of letters, cards and telegrams…some from family when I first left home to study and work in theater, others from friends from all over the world..many of whom I still keep in touch with though others have since died so the letters and cards are all the more precious. At the bottom of the box was happy to find a bundle of love letters tied together with string. There are little notes on the back of envelopes, scribbled love poems on cards and train tickets, others long 3 or 4 page missives, some written in pencil others in Biro or colored crayon and some in fountain pen…and hundreds of Baci Perugina wrappers, little Italian love notes written on silky transparent paper.. As I sat in the garden reading these lovely letters I wondered to myself what will the kids and grand kids say when I die and they get to read all the saucy secrets of Mamma and Papa’…maybe I should burn the letters now? No… will leave them in the box, put the ‘Letter Box’ back on top of the wardrobe and leave all our scandalous secrets for the kids to discover!