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I have been helping a friend to decorate, not my favorite pastime as would much rather been on the streets shooting the unsuspecting and unusual, but am a firm believer in pay it forward and so I thought would lend a hand. Was there early morning to empty bookcases and shelves and move furniture, we tackled all the heavy jobs covering the lovely table and vintage furniture with dust covers. The last thing to do was take the framed photographs of family and friends down from the walls………..P1230467aa..what a strange feeling to see the empty place where the memories had once hung, I was reminded of John Irving’s novel ‘A Widow for One Year’ and had to stop all thoughts of paint and masking tape to root in my bag to find my camera. The painting will be finished tomorrow and we’ll print and frame new images for the wall but the shadows of the space where the picture was will stay in my mind now even though I know next year there will be new shadows and marks made from new memories.