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Making the most of these last warm days before we are plunged into dark damp autumn I sat in my garden this afternoon reading and noticed the shadows of plants and shrubs on the sheet drying in the sunshine. I spent the next 30 minutes lying on the grass muttering to myself, to the wind and the sheet, cajoling the wind to blow in the right direction and the sheet to billow towards the bushes so I could capture the shadows. I could see all this in my mind’s eye…imagining gusts of wind lifting snowy white sheets and me capturing romantic oriental type shadows on the crisp linen. P1230452The truth however is completely different and much more difficult than I initially thought…after half an hour messing about and getting blur and washed out images I cranked up the shutter speed to 1/4000 sec to capture the sheet in the wind and stopped down to f18 to keep the bushes dark while shooting into the sunlight…. getting so close to the sheet as it whipped around the bushes that I could see the green color of the plants through the damp clothP1230386Not quite the elegant stark minimal images I imagined but a fun way to practice and enjoy the afternoon.