Driving down a country lane near home recently I noticed the verge was in full bloom and asked my long suffering very supportive husband to stop the car while I rummaged through bags trying to find the right lens.P1230040xxx           Risking life and limb on the roadside while cars flew past at what am sure are illegal speeds I crouched amid the wild flowers, nettles, wasps and beautiful fat bees and quickly filled my viewfinder with sunshine and flowers. P1230044P1230035

Hubby coasted along the roadside to find a passing pull in place leaving me with my ample derriere in full view of passing motorists some of which slowed not sure if for a better view of aforesaid derriere or concern that I had in fact lost the plot and was foraging for berries and herbs….P1210458but that’s another story with more photos from my time in the countryside   P1210432

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