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This past week has been pretty awesome on the Fylde coast, we’ve had Lytham Festival with all sorts and everything in music and we’ve had the Punk Rebellion at the Winter Gardens followed by the airshow..P1220182aaa

and the town has been filled with the weird and wonderful P1220109

The best thing for me is it gives me the chance to watch and try to capture the British public at their best…eagerly anticipating the aircraft at the airshow and


being prepared for the probability of wind, rain and blinding sunlight…P1220301

sometimes the waiting seems far too long and hunger and thirst need to be satisfied in the quickest sweetest way


but still the waiting seems too long and the alternatives of finding somewhere to climb for a better viewP1220395or somewhere to see how high up we are and “where did the sea go”? prove to be the only way of filling time while waiting for the arrows…
P1220372however the British public are prepared for everything in the summer…and some times the summer surprises us and the sun does actually appear.P1220047aaaa