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While my grandson and husband kicked a ball around the garden after school I sat drinking tea, enjoying the lovely warm afternoon sunshine I noticed the sunlight making patterns on the pond water. Off I rushed to get camera imagining beautiful sunlight dancing across ripples …the truth however was entirely different and as I got closer to the pond I realised I really do need to venture farther down the garden more often and occasionally remove debris, forgotten toys and lost socks from the near stagnant water.IMG_4889I tried to capture the horror of the small lifeless bodies of insects as they had obviously tried to save themselves from a watery demise by climbing on to passing leaves, reeds and flower heads…alas..their destiny was too obvious in the scene before me…
P1190482 and then I saw it…the abandoned rubber bath toy reminding me of something found floating in a pool in an episode of Breaking Bad. P1190462If the weather is nice tomorrow I’ll probably drain the pond or maybe leave it a couple of months and see what else ends up in there.