old birds

Volunteering at Sand Sea & Spray over the weekend I didn’t think I would find the time or opportunity to capture any street images but as luck would have it.. whilst rushing from one location to the next.. I spotted this lady pushing her full trolley along the street.. raising camera to eye as IContinue reading “old birds”


risking arrest for a better shot at Sand Sea & Spray 2015

Eager to see Dale Grimshaw’s work without the scaffolding I managed to convince a small group of die hard friends that the best place to view it was from the top of the car park at Wilkos..off we set and risking life and limb we climbed onto railings and lent over the wall to getContinue reading “risking arrest for a better shot at Sand Sea & Spray 2015”

Where I saw The Beatles

I saw The Beatles at The ABC Theatre in 1963..I was 9 years old and I went with my older sister to see them arrive at Blackpool Airport, I will always remember as they came out of the BEA airplane they stood at the top of the stairs and Ringo held a sign with TLESContinue reading “Where I saw The Beatles”

Sand Sea & Spray Blackpool 2015

This urban art festival is held in Blackpool every summer and showcases some of the most talented local and international artists. This is just some of the faces, masks, ladders and brilliant creativity I managed to capture yesterday.