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Trying to get closer and closer to subjects in the street can be difficult and sometime nerve racking but on a recent trip to London I thought I would do my best and get as close as possible. So armed with my canon fd 28mm legacy lens on my  Lumix G2 I set off with every intention of getting as close as possible….There he was, I had this guy…blue hair, tats, good face… all lined up.. raised camera to eye and ..in she walked ..right in to my frame! oh well, I thought as he of the blue hair wandered off chatting in to his phone, I will get another chance…Now a month later while going through old files and deleting all sorts of rubbish I find on closer inspection that the image isn’t a complete disaster…I didn’t get him but got her in his reflectors and so I will keep trying to get as close as possible cause all sorts of good things can happen. P1100757aaaabbbb