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Spring time usually means it’s time to thoroughly clean the house, vacuum under the heavy furniture and take everything off the shelves to dust …but those who know me well know I would much rather be out on the streets taking photographs than spend a day dusting and vacuuming.  Yesterday though, because I could see the print my grandson’s hand had left in the dust on the bookshelf, I decided it was time to do something, rolled my sleeves up and set about taking down the stuff from the shelves.P1100679

‘Stuff’ is a  word I use lightly here because I like to collect things or as my loving other half says ‘hoard’ things…I love books, I love the written word, books, papers, magazines & old documents clutter every available space and I love music, CDs, tapes but especially music on vinyl. My old bookshelves, chipped and banged from years of moving halfway around the world, are weighted down with piles of books and lines of LPs.


And so, carefully avoiding damaging the bright (aptly named) dust covers I started to empty the shelves, flicking open the pages of well read heavy tomes, blowing away dust and cobwebs from the spines of these precious dreams.  Bright idea, I thought to myself… the job would be made easier if I listened to some music.  So, sliding the shiny black disk from it’s protective white sleeve I placed it on the turntable, picked up the nearest paperback..Peyton Place ( Grace Metalious, a Pan Books classic, fabulous orange and white cover… 30p cover price!! ) sat in the armchair and listened to The Beatles, crackles and static making a dusty afternoon very nostalgic…… and I still didn’t get any cleaning done.