daisies in the long grass

Walking home after a long hot day photographing summer fetes and street dancing I saw these daisies nestling in the long grass enjoying the late afternoon sun and of course I couldn’t resist Once again I opened gates that are probably there to keep people out and walked quickly to the middle of the field,Continue reading “daisies in the long grass”


Words & Music

Spring time usually means it’s time to thoroughly clean the house, vacuum under the heavy furniture and take everything off the shelves to dust …but those who know me well know I would much rather be out on the streets taking photographs than spend a day dusting and vacuuming.  Yesterday though, because I could seeContinue reading “Words & Music”

children…a force of nature

Am late posting this week but time has flown and was wracking my brain and searching through hard drives trying to find something for The Daily Post that had nothing to do with the weather. Then it came to me…weekends with grandma…my grandsons and their friends are the most powerful force of nature I knowContinue reading “children…a force of nature”