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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blur.”

On a recent trip to London I sat on a window seat in a pub in Leicester Square and pondered on the fact that in the 1980s BT sold off a number of their red phone boxes to New World Payphones,  -http://www.telephonecardcollector.com/new-world-payphones.htm-     New World painted their boxes black to differentiate from the traditional BT red and as I sat there thinking about all things traditional and trying to capture the offending black phone box through the window of the pub serendipity smiled down on me. Recognisable all over the world the red double-decker bus is an iconic symbol of the city and as I focused on the phone box one sped along the street giving me my image of the day.


Have to admit was pretty pleased and immediately checked the exif data so could remember what to use next time I wanted to capture motion blur in an image.