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I often, frequently, end up on North Pier in Blackpool and have to say it is a favorite place for photography and just spending time. The pier dates back to 1860s and has been severely damaged over the years from fires and storms butIMG_2229aaa (2)life goes on and the pier opens again every season.


As I said in my previous post I’ve been known to run up and down the streets to catch that moment , that special shot that makes me think ‘yes’ to myself…thinking ‘right that’s it now I can go home’ knowing that have captured that ‘thing’. But there are other times when I will find a spot and if the light is right will stand on a corner or siton a step somewhere and wait,  watching daily life as it unfolds around me, sometimes am lucky and a story will come in to my line of view and I can capture that ‘attimo della vita’ that happens and is then gone… P1380581aaaand this brings me back to the pier…in the season there’s always something happening on the pier and the locals and most of the visitors are so used to the activity that they can sit, IMG_9301have tea and watch the tiller girls walk by distributing leaflets of forthcoming shows, or just enjoy the sun and a pint of beer.


I think of street photography as a way of documenting history, capturing candid moments of subjects in everyday situations. I will leave the house with a destination in mind and go in search of the right light, once I get there will either go looking for a shot or simply wait till something or someone comes in to my frame and then, hoping that have the correct settings, will just press the shutter button capturing that moment in someone’s life when without knowing it they came in to mine.IMG_9296