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Someone said write about your photography…not as easy as that though when you sit down to do it and I don’t I feel I know enough about anything to write about it but here goes.. I love people and love taking photographs of people, capturing subjects unaware in the streets or public places and have been known to cross the road…run like a madman, cross back over and walk towards someone clicking furiously at my shutter button just to capture that face, the interaction between couples or groups, a fashion, shoes, hairstyle or even just a hat that catches my eye….as Walker Evans wrote -“The guard is down and the mask is off”-..P1090238 I am however aware that an unpleasant situation could arise at any time so I try to use a bit of common sense and know where to draw the line, I try not to appear threatening or intrusive..the best street images for me are those of people caught going about their daily lives, saying that though if a subject shows an interest I will chat to them about my project and ask them to become part of a gallery. I have found people are more inclined to agree if I make them feel comfortable so I carry contact cards and always offer to email them a copy of any shots I manage to get.aP1360273 There is nothing illegal about photographing life on the streets so unless you are causing a hindrance or are on private property no one can stop you but I always think if someone asks you to stop taking pictures of them it’s generally a good idea to do so. P1340462 P1310890P1380592P1340694 Being a Sandgrownun my hometown, Blackpool, is a favourite place to shoot…colourful and noisy it’s full of atmosphere and character from Easter time all the way through till the end of the illuminations and there are photo opportunities everywhere. A walk along the crowded beach or promenade on a warm day offers a myriad of opportunities for street photography, everything from saucy post-card characters in kiss me quick hats to children building sandcastles and paddling in the sea.P1340396 I use a Panasonic Lumix with a Canon FD 28mm lens for street shots trying to get as close as possible without intruding but also use a Lumix 45-200mm for less intrusive shots and street portraits.P1300377aaaaa