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Less is more…or so the saying goes, but must admit lately have gotten tired of the chaos of street photography and have been searching for something else or somewhere else to shoot. Maybe it’s the end of the dark winter months and the feeling of newness in the air but I have a need to find something completely different…which brings me to minimalist photography. Have found that I love the simplicity and sparseness of minimalism and the beach is a perfect place…
leaving the beachanother perfect opportunity for me to hunker down in the sand and try to capture the beauty of all this negative space. Afraid of getting sand in my camera and damaging the lens is always a problem so I carry an endless supply of small plastic bags and elastic bands…now I know a protective cover would serve better but seem to be coping very well with the sandwich bags and the camera is still working ok!


Now the summer months are coming there will no doubt be endless opportunities to practice my minimalistic approach to street photography P1030072hopefully with less sand storms…though must admit I like the raising sand.